Fast, accurate and maintenance free


Blood Gas Analyzer


i-Smart® 300

All-in-one cartridge contains all reagents & consumables

  • Fast test results: 50 seconds
  • Cartridge information is automatically uploaded via RFID technology

Immuuno-Diagnostic Products


Rapid immunoassay for the quantitative or qualitative determination of three keys cardiac markers in whole blood, plasma, or serum as an aid in early detection of Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI) in the Emergency room and Physician’s office. The device provides quantitative / qualitative measurements of key cardiac markers (cTnI, CK-MB, and Myoglobin) simultaneously or separately 

Arterial Blood Gas Syringe


 Accurate and economical, the Pulset™ Arterial Blood Gas Sampler assures simplicity and safety in blood gas handling.  The dual-function, vented syringe allows the user to choose either the pre-set plunger mode or manual aspiration.  Powdered dry balanced lithium/zinc heparin provides rapid anticoagulation, eliminates CO2 dilution error, and has virtually no impact on electrolytes. 

Blood Collection System


 New and Higher Standards in the diagnostic laboratory field require an improved performance of the blood collection system.
VACUSENCE Blood Collection Tubes are the answer.